In singleplayer mode, Marriage is achievable just with a villager that is marked as “solitary” within the Social tab. For wedding between players in a Multiplayer game, see Multiplayer and a wedding ring.

Before proposing wedding, you will need to make 10 hearts of relationship together with your meant partner, which requires you to definitely provide them with a bouquet. You will must also fix the connection east of Elliott’s cabin (expenses 300 lumber) and update the farmhouse at least one time.

Among the collection’s Lost Books, entitled “Marriage Guide for Farmers”, additionally describes the procedure.

“Before you ask anyone to marry you, you should have up to now them for a little while first (Ask anyone to date you with a bouquet from Pierre’s).

Before you go to pop the question that is big you’ll want to provide them with a ‘Mermaid’s Pendant’. Everyone understands just exactly what this means whenever you provide them with some of those.

It is rumored that on stormy times, the ghost of an mariner that is old in Stardew Valley, clutching just this kind of pendant.

Following the marriage ceremony, your lover will relocate to you. Make sure to treat your partner well. They nevertheless like presents even with marriage!

(taken care of by Pierre)”

— Marriage Guide for Farmers

Wedding Prospects


Romance can simply start after you have reached 8 hearts having a partner that is potentialwhere relationship levels freeze for wedding applicants).

The after you first reach 8 hearts with a marriage cand > 200g at Pierre’s General Store) morning:

“It seems as you’re beginning to get near with a few of this townspeople. Them one of my beautiful flower bouquets if you want to show someone that you’re romantically interested, you’ve got to give. I’m attempting to sell them now, for a really reasonable cost! Should you want to begin a household someday, this is basically the first faltering step!”
— Pierre

Providing the bouquet unfreezes the relationship level with that bachelor or bachelorette, permitting friendship to advance. Upon accepting the bouquet, their Social tab status additionally changes to “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. The bouquet may be provided over and over repeatedly (also numerous times within one time) to virtually any candidate, to improve friendship degree. It is also provided to numerous applicants, without reference to gender. There’s no relationship penalty for offering bouquets to dating competitors, though there was a Group Heart occasion which could cause all girl/boyfriends to provide you with the “cool neck” for per week.

Proposing Wedding

The time after reaching 10 relationship hearts with a married relationship candidate, you get a page from Mayor Lewis:

“I’m planning to provide you with these suggestions you and I want you to stay in Pelican Town because I like. If there comes each and every day that you would like to inquire of for another person’s turn in wedding, you will have to let them have a ‘Mermaid’s Pendant’. Do not worry, every person in Pelican Town knows the importance of this amulet. It is a tradition that is ancient this area. Best of luck!”
— Lewis

To be involved, provide a Merma > 5,000g through the Old Mariner. You will find him on rainy days in the pools that are tidal the coastline (throughout the connection you repaired). During Winter, it doesn’t rain, unless you use a Rain Totem so he will not appear. He’ll maybe not sell the pendant unless your farmhouse happens to be upgraded and you are clearly at 10 hearts by having a eligible villager.

The Marriage

The marriage ceremony occurs when you look at the 3 days after you propose morning. That is, in the event that you propose on Monday the very first, the wedding cutscene will require spot once you get up on Thursday the 4th. Once the ceremony is finished, both you and your spouse appear during the farmhouse at 6am (in the porch, or you have actually restarted or reloaded the overall game day, within the household). Your day then proceeds you are married as it normally does when. Friendship together with your spouse is now able to increase to your (concealed) degree of 13 hearts, but decays by 20 points per whenever there is no contact between you two day.

The marriage ceremony will not just just simply take put on a day that another occasion occurs into the city square. The wedding is delayed until there is a day without such an event in such cases.

At the time regarding the wedding, the elements symbol that seems between your time and date is changed by having a heart.

Wedded Life

As soon as a villager happens to be hitched, they will transfer to the farmhouse. They shall have at the most 12 hearts in place of 10, and maintaining them pleased can lead to them assisting round the farm. a spouse that is happy make morning meal, feed pets, repair fences or water plants. They periodically change the flooring or wallpaper associated with the Farmhouse. Getting together with your better half whenever no discussion can be acquired can lead to an embrace.

Offering presents to many other qualified bachelors/bachelorettes may end up in your partner becoming jealous. This may additionally happen whenever you are involved, rather than yet hitched. Additionally, it is possible to own kiddies under specific circumstances.

When hitched, the gifting limitation of twice an is removed, however the once a day limit still applies week.

Partner Chores

  • Watering all plants from the farm (in springtime, summer time, and autumn).
  • Feeding all pets.
  • Watering the dog/cat dish.
  • Fixing fences that are broken.
  • Providing presents, including break fast and supper meals. (If stock is complete, the product will never be gotten.)

At 13/12 Hearts, there clearly was a random opportunity to have a Stardrop from your own partner, as a token of these love. In multiplayer games where two players marry one another, the Stardrop seems as something special in a purple that is small close to each player’s sleep upon getting out of bed in the early morning.

Spouse Spaces

When hitched, the ball player’s partner will instantly arranged an unique space inside the Farmhouse, positioned off to the right associated with room.

Spouse Outside Area

As well as their space in the household, each partner has an original area behind the farmhouse.

Sam does skateboard tricks for a half-pipe.

Maru deals with a gadget.

Abigail plays her flute.

Leah carves a sculpture.

Sebastian deals with their bicycle.

Penny, Harvey, and Elliott will read a novel in a plant garden that is potted.

Emily meditates in a garden that is crystal.

Haley takes images between two palm that is potted.

Shane appears by his chicken hutch together with his chicken, Charlie.


Kissing your better half shall remove exhaustion from your own power club. This works just with the kiss that is first of time, nonetheless.

Messy Home

If an object is obstructing the road your partner takes when you look at the farmhouse, they shall state “You might have washed up in right here a while I happened to be gone. It isn’t good to need to wade through a number of junk after a day that is hard work.”

In case your spouse cannot reach the kitchen area, they shall state “You’ve got a lot of your material blocking your kitchen. I assume you are not dinner that is getting.”

If you will find monsters in, such as for instance slime, they will ask “Um. Honey? Exactly why are here monsters within the home?”

If you give a present to at least one associated with the other marriage cand >1

Players can look at the Mayor’s Manor in which a book that is small > 50,000g . After filing for divorce proceedings, players have the choice to cancel prior to the end of the afternoon (until 10pm whenever Lewis’ household closes). When they do not cancel, their spouse, spouse’s space, and unique outside area will be wiped out the following early morning, and their relationship level will go back to 0 hearts. Under their title it’s going to state “(ex)”.

The spouse will move back to their old residence, and will have negative interactions with the player, citing the failure of their marriage after the divorce. They shall additionally maybe maybe not accept any gift suggestions through the player. (remember that the gamer can enter the ex-spouse still’s room or house, just as if the ball player had 2 relationship hearts with all the ex-spouse.) Any kiddies through the wedding shall remain in the farmhouse.

Players can look at the Witch’s Hut in belated game where they are going to look for a shrine that may erase all ex-spouses’ memories for the providing of 30,000g . Afterwards, all ex-spouses could have no memory associated with the past wedding, allowing players up to now and remarry them when they choose.

Kids from wedding can certainly be ‘turned into doves’ in the Witch’s Hut in return for a Prismatic Shard. This forever eliminates young ones through the game.

The child will not be born/delivered if the player is expecting a child and gets a divorce.